What stops you!

Today I want to share whit you something which is critical.
If you have seen yourself in the same situation, then this the right moment to make that big freaking change.I have seen myself Procrastinating, giving a shit load of excuses for the things which are paramount and even for the things which I like doing from workouts, blogging, vlogging, etc.

Especially when it comes to vlogging, I will have a huge library of excuses and soon my next action will be browsing for cameras, microphone, tripod, monopod, lighting equipment and this big list is enough for me to procrastinate.

When I started observing me, I realized that the problem is not the equipment or browsing It’s with my “lizard brain” (amygdala) which tells me to be safe and not to fail at any cost; and it doesn’t want others to laugh at me or perceive me as a stupid.

Now here comes your turn: how do you want to handle your “Lizard Brain”? Are you going to allow it to go on its way stopping your from all possible actions or do you want to understand it and play your game? I think the game is always exciting we should start playing.

Now is the right time we all have been waiting for “Do what you know and start with what you have.”

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