Learning has always been something interesting and fascinating for me from childhood. Most of the thing which I have learned in my life till my 18s are from my father who is an avid reader and an excellent story teller, he used to teach even the most complicated theories in a simple and efficient way with loads of practical examples.

He is my hero he has cleared most of my doubts almost everything; I was wondering that how he could teach algebra to politics. I asked him how it’s possible and I got a simple reply “I read your book in free time and simplify it.” And he always teaches me with the kind of examples that I like. He also admitted that learning the things again gives him an extra kick.

After my graduation of my Masters I have played various roles as an event organizer, web developer, teacher and I found one thing that from all the roles I played the most enjoyed one is teaching. It gave me the kick of facilitating hungry minds and show what I learned and did for my clients and me.

Teaching made me a better learner, doer, leader and a brisk storyteller. And I eventually harnessed the art of storytelling on my marketing classes, seminars and even in business meetings without my conscious knowledge.

Now it’s your turn, take a simple step to Teach! (learn).

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